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iTunes Radio: how non-American users can enjoy it

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Today iOS 7 is finally available for all the iPhone and iPad users. As already said in previous posts, the new iOS is meant to be revolutionary in comparison to the previous ones and to make a change in the development of Apple Devices’ software, just like Mac OS X has been for the Macs. Among the many innovations there is the very much desired iTunes radio.
For those who might not know, iTunes Radio works similarly to Spotify (see previous posts for details). This App’s only limit would be being available, for now, only for the american public. What about us in Italy? In Italy it will arrive later on, but it is still obscure/unknown when. Shall we wait until this unknown date?! If you want this is A possibility, otherwise I will show you, step by step (dummy-proven), a trick that will allow you to use iTunes Radio also in Italy (I apologize in advanced if in some steps I will turn out to be boring for the banality, but it is best to be specific and clear). 

The first thing to do is to create a free Apple ID Account in the American store. Creating an Apple ID for the American store can be useful also in order to have access to non- available-Apps in the Italian store o simply not-yet-available-Apps in the American store. 

To create a new Apple ID for the American store you need two things: 
  • An email address which is not related to any Apple ID (I created a new one on
  • An American address (this can be chosen at random, e.g. the address of an Apple Store , I will show you how, not to worry). 
Getting on with the steps in order to create a free American account: 

  • Launch iTunes and enter the Store:

  • Scroll down at the bottom of the page and click on you-own-national-flag: 

  • Once clicked, a screen full of flags will appear, click on the American flag: 

  • The American Store - obvoiously in English- will appear. Once in the Store select the AppStore section: 

  • At this point pick any of the free apps and click as if you wanted to buy it and the Apple account validation popup will appear. Click on the “creat an Apple ID”.

  • The following screen will appear, confirm “Continue”: 

  • The many-times-seen “terms and conditions” will open, check the policies acceptance and then “Continue” (if you wish you can read all the policies and find out whether you appreciate them, I doubt anyone has ever read the all): 

  • On the next screen you will have to add your email address (VALID, otherwise you will not be able to activate the account), to choose the three security questions with their answer, to write in a date of birth (it does not have to be true, just have the sagacity to be over-18) and at last I suggest you uncheck the nagging newsletter and updates requests, then click “Continue”: 

  • In this last screen you will have to select the “NONE” payment method and write in a valid American address (if you want you can put the information I did, itherwise read the next step) and click on “create an Apple ID”: 

  • If you want to write in another valid address, go to Google Maps and select any American city, choose a random business activity and select the info on the map, copy and paste all the info on the iTunes form: 

  • Once clicked on the last “creat an Apple ID” you will be asked to check your email address and to confirm the truthfulness of the given address. Therefore you have to login the email address you wrote as Apple ID and check in the incoming emails for the one sent from Apple (if you can’t find it in the incoming emails, check Spam), open the email and click on the blu validation link. A window from your browser will open on the Apple ID activation page: 

  • Now that your American Apple ID is active you will have to access with your iPhone, iPod, iPad, iWhateveryouhave the AppStore, on the Features screen go at the bottom of the page and select “Apple ID: XXXXXX” (the Xs stand for your present account): 
  • The popup in which tou will select “sign out” will appear:

  • At this point select “sign in”:

  • Select “use existing Apple ID”:

  • This screen will appear, write in the American account’s details and click “OK”: 

Perfect! Now you are in the American Store and as you notice the Apps’ prices are in dollars. Now you can download all the American Store’s Apps and (as soon as iOS7 will be available, on the 18th September) you will be able to enjoy iTunes Radio!!! 

This process has its cons, each time App updates for Apps you have downloaded with the other account are available, you will have to login with the Italian account and then switch again to the American one... but what do you want more? You will be listening o iTunesRadio while everyone else around you will have to wait months, maybe centuries!! 

f you are experiencing difficulties in the steps or it doesn’t work out following the step by step instructions don’t hesitate contacting me (as soon as I have iOs7 I will update the screenshots!) 


Jay S

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